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The Catholic University of America MA in Integral Economic Development Management
The Catholic University of America

MA in Integral Economic Development Management

Washington, Stati Uniti d'America

1 Years


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USD 57.000 / per semester *

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* Total cost of the IEDM program tuition, Full-time, IEDM program is completed in two semesters and a summer semester.

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MA in Integral Economic Development Management

  • One year program full-time, with a part-time option.
  • Uses innovative measures and an integrated approach to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of development programs.
  • Teaches applied management and economics.

What is an Integral Approach

Integral economic development is an approach to development that seeks to strengthen the civil and social institutions required for sustainable development; one that takes an integrated view of the person's role in society. It is an approach which development entities increasingly demand. Integral economic development, seen from the perspective of the whole human person, and the whole human community, is at the core of our programs and the mission of The Catholic University of America.

Students graduating from the program will be able to:

  1. Use their technical skills more effectively to produce sustainable results, based on a better understanding of the macroeconomic environment, the role of institutions, and an integral approach to development.
  2. Acquire the technical skills to be able to design, implement, manage and evaluate programs that would effectively contribute to integral economic development.
  3. Bring an integrated perspective to the development arena, resulting in development initiatives and program results that respect the dignity of the human person, strengthen the core institutions of the culture, and build a stable foundation for lasting development and growth.

These innovative programs are applicable to different aspects of development at the private or public level, including technical aspects of the interplay between politics and economic policy development, economic development and global health, food and nutrition, energy and environment, education in developing countries, and community development.

Our advantageous location in Washington, D.C., is proximate to entities such as the World Bank, IDB, OAS, federal government agencies, private corporations and nonprofit organizations. Enrolling in the IEDM or IEDP program will allow you to learn and experience firsthand a broad array of development practice in both the public and private sector through interaction with high-profile individuals engaged in successful development initiatives who form our International Advisory Board, our faculty and lead our Leaders in Development Seminars.

"Skills that can be applied really anywhere. The Applied Research Project is a really unique and amazing opportunity to work on a project, to see development happen first-hand, and to work on evaluations".

Christian Domaas, alum, now with Bao Systems

"My advice for any student thinking of joining this program is if you are . . . looking to acquire some skills that will be very useful to you in the job market but you also want to do a job where you will have a positive impact potentially, this is a great program for you"

Kevin Kamto, conducts quantitative international research and evaluation for the American Institutes for Research

Requisiti di ammissione al programma

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Scarica il mini quiz GMAT per avere un'idea delle domande che troverai nell'esame.

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