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Erasmus University Rotterdam - Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Research Master in Public Administration and Organisational Science
Erasmus University Rotterdam - Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Research Master in Public Administration and Organisational Science

Rotterdam, Paesi Bassi

2 Years


Tempo pieno

Sep 2024

Nel campus


Is this the programme you're looking for?

Do you want to become able to help governments better tackle governance challenges through advanced theory-informed research and evidence-based policy advice? Then this is your MSc!

The study programme in a nutshell

During the programme you will gain in-depth knowledge about societal problems and challenges of public organisations. You will combine theories of public administration, organisational science, and management with in-depth training in research methods. There is a focus on the challenges that governments nowadays face, such as mediatization, ageing, declining trust in the government and societal fragmentation. Challenges within public organisations are analysed, such as management professional conflicts and the role of risk when innovating. After obtaining this research master you are one step ahead of other job seekers when applying for positions in research, consultancy or policy advice.

What does this study entail?

Climate change, porous borders, the knowledge economy, infectious diseases, Artificial Intelligence. The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, creating tantalising opportunities as well as wicked problems for the way in which we govern our societies.

As a student of this research programme, you will analyse how governments cope with these complex challenges. However, these challenges are no longer the sole responsibility of government institutions. Public governance occurs both in national political institutions and at local, regional, European and international levels of government, in multi-actor, multi-sectoral networks, and at the headquarters of large companies.

This master's degree is a joint programme offered by four Dutch universities: Utrecht University, Tilburg University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the Free University of Amsterdam. The participating institutes belong to the best Public Administration and Organisation Science research groups in Europe. Their multidisciplinary, international faculties offer state-of-the-art insights into public sector governance, management and policy. All courses are taught in English.

Unique about this two-year master's programme is the intensive interaction between professors and students the personal attention and the international study climate. In the previous years, we have had students from all over the world.

About the programme

The Research Master in Public Administration and Organisational Science comprises three pillars.

First pillar: theoretical themes

The first pillar contains the core theoretical themes in the fields of Public Administration and Organisation Science, such as public policy, public management, bureaucracy and public service, and human resource management. These courses connect classic theories to cutting-edge research. Students both develop knowledge about theories and learn to apply them in research. It offers room to develop your personal interests through a tailor-made tutorial.

Second pillar: philosophy of science and research methods

The second pillar consists of a broad range of philosophy of science and research methods courses. These courses will focus both on high control designs such as experimental and survey research on low control designs such as case studies and field research. The programme will provide you with the broad basis that is needed for researchers in this field. We offer various choices in this pillar so that you can choose the modules that are most valuable to you.

Third pillar: applied and fundamental research projects

The third pillar consists of both applied and fundamental research projects, resulting in a (smaller) group thesis at the end of the first year and a (larger) individual thesis at the end of the second year. A policy-oriented research project typically involves a specific organisation or policy problem. The aim of the project is to offer advice on a current issue, and this requires you to conduct research in a real-life setting. A theory-oriented research project involves the writing of an academic article or the formulation of a detailed PhD proposal, which can serve as the basis for a future PhD project. (Please note that completing this master programme does not automatically guarantee you a PhD position).


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