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About the Program

The program focuses on finance as a tool to pursue a career in this highly dynamic sector. The Master in Finance equips participants with up-to-the-minute knowledge in key areas of finance such as leveraged buy-outs, credit derivatives or mergers and acquisitions. The program will play a pivotal role in increasing candidate appeal in recruitment processes for leading financial institutions, such as investment banks, private equity or asset management.

This is a program centered around finance, in line with the demand of the recruiting market in the financial arena. Further areas covered include macroeconomics, financial accounting, financial entrepreneurship, presentation skills, and negotiation. In addition to finance courses, students will be required to undertake level I of the CFA Charter, a highly respected international degree within the finance sector.

The Program Difference

  • The most appealing syllabus designed by investment bankers based on the needs of the financial recruiters.
  • Faculty with a sizeable percentage of practitioners.
  • Access to employment in capital markets through a syllabus with strong foundations on derivatives, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, asset management & financial statement analysis.
  • First class education in the most up to date fields of finance, such as private equity, hedge funds, commodities or creative accounting.
  • An eminent practical approach: you will be asked to play virtual investments with a portfolio using Internet-based simulators or to seek real investment opportunities for a leveraged buyout & present these to private equity investors.
  • Strong 3,500 alumni from IE's finance programs since 1973, supported by on-site finance oriented networking (Finance Club & Financial Community).

You and the Master in Finance

Building a solid understanding of financial management principles, the Master in Finance impart a detailed knowledge of the operations and activities of financial markets whilst providing a comprehensive view of the international arena.

The Master in Finance gives a detailed and disciplined look at the tools, techniques, theoretical know-how, and practical focus that makes possible to put these functions into practice, heighten your analytical and problem-solving capabilities. The experience is enhanced by additional studies that assist decision making in areas directly or indirectly affected by the financial manager's reactions.

Your Future

Taking the Master in Finance is an investment in your future. IE Business School graduates are exceptional people with exceptional skills and are sought out by companies, consulting firms, and financial institutions around the world. IE Business School's Master in Finance is the beginning of a bright future for you.

Target audience

  • Young professionals or graduates with limited or no professional experience who aim to pursue a career in finance.
  • Designed for students with an outstanding academic record.
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